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Sometimes life gets in the way of our best-laid plans. Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.” It is a truth that I know all too well.

When I first started Waking Up Catholic, I had big ideas, dreams, and goals for what I might accomplish. It would begin with this website, build into a social media platform, and culminate in a book. All of that happened – and it grew beyond what I ever would have imagined. God is good! And I owe all of you so much, as well!

But my plans didn’t end there. I wanted to continue blogging and writing on this site, publish a few more books, and even expand into other media. I am an IT guy by trade, so I have always wanted to apply the skills I use on the job to spread the Good Word. In many ways, I always considered it my calling. In fact, if you know much about my story, I truly see it as more of my duty – in gratitude to God for the many second chances He has given me.

Now, I’m hoping for one more second chance.

What seems like a short time ago, my wife and I had my daughter Elliana. Two years later, Johnny came along, and two years after that, Mikey blessed us with his presence. Along with my teenager, Sarah, we have quite a busy home. With my family growing, I thought I would take a short break from Waking Up Catholic, but now, years have passed since the last time I shared with you.

In that time between, the original WakingUpCatholic.com was hacked, and left in pieces. I was able to save most of the content, but I could not get the site up again. They even destroyed my backups. Despite their best efforts, though, the destruction of the site is actually what inspired me to get active with this again. Sometimes, the evil one tries to bring us down, but that’s exactly when we need to respond with even more conviction!

I miss writing and sharing my thoughts. I miss engaging with all of you lovely people (you’ve truly been so supportive and gracious over the years). And I still feel this call, knowing that I should be doing more.

So here I am. I have big plans for this site and more. Maybe another book (or two or three), maybe a bit of video, maybe some other new ways for us to get to know each other. I’m even going back to school (more on that in another post). I won’t ruin any of the surprises yet, and if we think back to that Woody Allen quote, we’ll see what truly ends up happening. I’m just excited to be back and sharing with you.

For now, I’ll focus right here at the new Waking Up Catholic blog. I’ll share what’s going on in my life, occasionally do some inspirational messages, and be around to answer questions.

Thank you for sticking with me all these years, and I hope that I can bring a little joy to your days to repay you for the joy you’ve brought to mine.

God bless,


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