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Satan, the Devil

The Church’s Belief

To believe in God, we must believe in the Devil.  If we believe what we read about Christ, then we must believe what we read about Satan.  Satan is the part of our faith that so many want to avoid.  But, simply acknowledging that he exists is quite different than worshiping him.  The Catholic Church acknowledges his existence, and so should we.

“Some angels turned against God and were driven from His presence.  Led by Satan and his followers, called devils, they tempt us to evil.”  -USCCA

Satan is very real.  He is a part of our lives, and his goal is to separate us from God.  If we cannot acknowledge his existence, we cannot hope to defeat him.

Facing Satan

“The evil we confront is not just an abstract idea, but an evil, fallen angel who wants to prevent our salvation.  We entrust ourselves to God so that the devil may not lead us into sin.”  -USCCA

Satan’s goal is to pull us away from God.  As an angel, Lucifer’s downfall was his own self-love.  He wants to be worshiped, instead of God.  He challenged God and was cast out for it.  Since the fall of man, the Devil has been here on earth trying to disrupt our lives.  Unfortunately, he has done a pretty good job of it.

As the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults states, by giving our lives to God, we can overcome Satan.  Until the end of days, Satan will continue to challenge God for power, but he is no match for our Lord.  If we try to face him ourselves, we will surely fail.  If we turn to Christ for help, our Savior will succeed.

Our Daily Lives

Satan, the deceiver, uses our weaknesses against us.  He knows exactly which buttons to push.  The Devil uses our love of money and greed to separate us from God.  He uses our ego to lift us up and away from God with false confidence.  He can even use our fear of loneliness to make us love someone else more than we love God.  Everyday of our lives, he will use these weaknesses against us.

In Society Today

Society has become very complacent.  When it comes to the United States, and much of the Western World, sin and temptation has become an everyday part of life.  Instead of avoiding sinful behavior, we have become indulgent.  Look around.  Our society is filled with greed, lust, and self-indulgence.  Television promotes it.  Businesses use it to sell products.  We give into it.

Mentioning the Devil in a normal conversation is not well accepted.  Just saying the word “Satan” will lead to people assuming that you are an overzealous Christian.  But, we cannot avoid the truth.  If we are going to address and discuss all of the great things that Christ has to offer, then we need to discuss how Satan will try to stop us.  As Catholics, and Christians, we need to stop pretending that the Devil does not exist; he has a grip on our society.  We need to stop ignoring the havoc he is wreaking.  It is time to face Satan head on.

Satan Tempting Jesus

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