Waking Up Catholic available in Paperback and eBook.
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Waking Up Catholic

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Waking Up Catholic – the Book

After years of writing and building this site, I decided to take the most common questions and compile them into one book: Waking Up Catholic. Those questions include –

  • How does Catholic Tradition fit in with Scripture?
  • Why do we have a pope?
  • Do Catholics really worship Mary?
  • Why do Catholics pray to saints?
  • Is communion just a symbol of Christ?
  • What is the purpose of Confession?
  • Do repetitious Catholic prayers really work?
  • And more…

The book is available on Amazon as both a paperback and ebook.

Resources on WakingUpCatholic.com

The RCIA process can be overwhelming and confusing.  I have put together these RCIA resources to help guide you along the way.  This site provides, for those going through RCIA, resources that will give you a better understanding of the Catholic faith.  Check out the topics below:

The Catholic Church

This section of the site discusses the basic information you need to know about the Catholic Church.  It gives a basic overview of the Church, its leadership, and Catholic Tradition.

Catholic Figures

Here, learn more about the Trinity, Christ Himself, the Virgin Mary, the Saints, and even Satan.  Understanding the Church’s views on these key figures helps to understand more about the Church itself.

The 7 Sacraments

There are 7 Sacraments in the Catholic Church.  This RCIA resource gives a brief explanation of why these practices are so important to our lives as Catholics.

Catholic Life

Of course, the purpose of RCIA is to become Catholic.  The resources here give you the basics needed to begin living your life outwardly as a Catholic.

Bible Verses

Studying scripture can be tough to do on one’s own.  Through regular study of scripture, we can learn more about our faith, and ourselves.  This RCIA resource offers regular Bible verses with some of my own personal thoughts on those Scriptures.

Catholic Prayers

Learning to implement prayer into our daily life can be challenging, but the use of these common Catholic prayers can help you implement regular prayer into your life.

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