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Can You Take Classes for RCIA Online?

Yes and no. First it helps to understand what RCIA is. RCIA is not simply a class that you take to get a certificate or degree. It is the formational process to help you join the Catholic Church.

What can you expect in an RCIA class?

  • RCIA is about discernment: Joining the Catholic Church is a choice that you must be fully engaged in.
  • RCIA is about growth: It is not simply memorizing Catholic facts; it is about embracing them.
  • RCIA is about community: You are joining the Church and a local parish. RCIA helps to bring you into that community.
  • RCIA is challenging: You need a local sponsor that will help guide you through the process when you get stuck.
  • RCIA is a Sacrament: The sacredness of Confirmation must be upheld.

This is why RCIA is not purely offered online. It must be connected to a local parish or diocese so that you can gain from the whole experience. And as a Sacrament, you will be confirmed at the end of RCIA, which must take place in a local parish or diocese.

Do Parishes Offer RCIA Online?

As technology continues to advance, many parishes are starting to take a blended approach to learning. They may offer some of the program online to help facilitate the process when needed. There are also a number of new courses developed that offer additional online materials.

RCIA Online Links

Resources Available Online

Despite not being able to complete RCIA online, there are a number of great RCIA Resources that can help you anyway. Here is a shortlist:

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