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First of all, you may be wondering if you can complete RCIA online.  The answer is no.  But, there is very good reason for it.  It has nothing to do with the technology not existing.  It has nothing to do with the inability to put a program like that together.  The reason why there is no RCIA online program is because of the very nature of RCIA.  Online classes could never give you the full experience.  RCIA is more than simple classes on theological topics; it is a journey of spiritual growth and wisdom – something that no book or online resource can teach.

You may not be able to complete RCIA online, but you can find plenty of resources on the Internet.  Below are a few resources that I have put together, and that you can find at the bottom of each page.  I believe that they are great places to get more information.  But, before you leave this site, take some time to explore a little of what Waking Up Catholic has to offer.

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