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Catholic rosary

Catholic Prayer and the Rosary

Communicating with God

Prayer is an essential part of our daily life with God.  Through prayer, we can share with Him our troubles, thank Him for blessings, and look to Him for guidance.  The Lord listens to every one of our prayers, and He answers each one of them (even if we do not like the answer).  We have a direct connection to Him, whenever and wherever.

“Therefore I tell you, all that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours.”  -Mark 11:24 NAB

Prayers can come in many forms.  There are the standard prayers laid out before us, such as the Rosary or prayers to the Saints.  Then, there are times when we simply share what is on our heart.  However we pray, the important part is that we are communicating with Him.  He loves to hear from us.  He wants to hear from you.

A Relationship with Christ

In the relationships we have here on our earth, we begin by getting to know the person.  We communicate with them and begin to build a relationship.  By reading the Scripture, we are getting to know the Lord better.  Through prayer, we are developing our relationship with Christ by communicating with Him.

If I wanted to get to know you better, it would start with a simple conversation.  In prayer, we are having a conversation with Him.  It may seem like we are doing all of the talking, but, if we truly listen, He is communicating with us as well.  Listen closely, and you can hear Him speaking to you.  As prayer becomes a larger part of our daily lives, we grow closer to Him.  Prayer is the key to a solid faith and personal relationship with Christ.

Traditional Prayers

The Catholic Church has a number of prayers that we can use.  In a number of prayers to the Saints and other devotionals, each one fills a specific purpose.  Some people do not feel that these standardized prayers are personal enough, but it is not the words of the prayer that matter the most.  God knows what is on our hearts.  When we struggle to find the words to express ourselves, we can use these prayers to communicate with Him.  We may be reciting a common prayer, but we are sharing with Him the innermost parts of our Heart.

“Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.”  -Philippians 4:6 NAB

The Rosary

The Rosary is one of the most common Catholic prayers.  There are many who misinterpret the meaning of the prayer.  Many non-Catholics see the Rosary as worshiping Mary.  At one time, I felt this way too.  This is the wrong way of looking at it.  Whenever we pray, all honor and glory go to the Holy Trinity.  Whenever we pray to Mary, or any of the Catholic Saints, we are asking them to pray on our behalf.  Having a special relationship with God, Mary and the Saints can ask the Lord for special favor for us.

The Rosary itself has special meaning.  It is broken into a number of sections, and many are repeated.  Some may fail to see how repeating certain prayers over and over again has any significance.  The idea is to say these prayers and reflect on the mysteries of Christ’s life.  The prayers themselves become second nature for us to repeat; meanwhile, we are concentrating on the life of Jesus.  In this way, the prayer is not about worshiping Mary; it is about focusing on the greatness of God’s love that was shown to us by Christ.

“Many who say the Rosary think of the words as background music that leads them to rest in the divine presence.  The gentle repetition of the words helps us to enter the silence of our hearts, where Christ’s Spirit dwells.” -USCCA

Go and learn to communicate with God.  Develop a stronger relationship with Christ.  Use the traditional prayers to guide you along the way.  And, when praying the Rosary, let the background music fill you as you listen to your heart.

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