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Historical Figures in the Catholic Church

Lives That Changed the World

The Holy Trinity

Nothing is more complex to understand than the Holy Trinity.  The Trinity is far beyond anything that we can ever comprehend.  The Trinity is compromised of three Persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Together, these three Persons make up one God.  A topic that has been difficult for so many to grasp, the Holy Trinity is the central mystery of our faith.

Our Lord and Savior

Throughout history, there have been a number of people that have changed the face of the world.  No one has changed the world more than Christ Himself.    He brought salvation and grace to an undeserving world.  In the greatest act of love ever known to man, God came down in the form of Christ and gave His life so that He might save ours.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.”  John 3:16 (NAB)

In our daily lives, the only way to love someone is to know them first.  To love God, we must know who He is.  By studying scripture, we can get to know the Lord a little better and learn to love Him a lot more.  The Bible is God’s biography, and it is the source of finding a stronger life in faith.

Important Catholic Figures

The Blessed Virgin

Beyond Christ, many have followed that have shaped our lives today.  For many Catholics, no one has influenced their lives more than Mary, the mother of Christ.  For many non-Catholics, the Catholic view of Mary is highly questionable.  Many feel that Catholics elevate Mary to the level of Christ, mistakingly worshiping her in the same way.  When we examine the life of Mary, we will discuss some of the misconceptions about the Catholic view of Mary and how she has influenced the Church.

The Saints

Another topic of controversy between Catholics and non-Catholics is the different views on Saints.  Catholics honor and elevate the status of Saints because of the miraculous lives that they lived.  Many non-Catholics see this as raising the Saints to the level of a deity.  With my past as a non-Catholic, I once shared many of these same views.  Now, as I learn more about the Catholic Church, my goal is to set some of these misconceptions straight.

Satan, the Devil Himself

Some may find talking about the Devil as taboo.  But, if we believe in Christ, we must believe in Satan as well.  Satan is real, and he impacts our daily lives.  We must learn how to recognize and defeat him.  Discussing those who have shaped the world would not be complete without discussing how the Devil has brought evil into our world.  On this site, we will look at the Church’s view on the Devil, and we will learn ways to shield ourselves from his evil ways.

The Pope

It all began with Peter, the first Pope. The line of popes continues today through Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and our current pope – Pope Francis I. Since the Church’s beginning, we have looked to the leadership of our Holy Father as the successor to Peter.

Our Catholic Leadership

Pope Francis (nor any other before him) cannot do it alone. He relies on the bishops, priests, and deacons to lead the Church at the national and local levels. Each takes responsibility for fulfilling their mission on the true front lines of the faith.

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