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The power of our own personal stories helps us to reach others with the Gospel:

With such affection for you, we were determined to share with you not only the gospel of God, but our very selves as well, so dearly beloved had you become to us.  -1 Thessalonians 2:8, NAB

This morning, I was pleased to find words of encouragement in my inbox.  A friend of the site commented on the impact that the Daily Bible Verses have had on his life (thank you, Christopher).  Kind words like these help lift my spirit as a writer, and I hope that my writing can do the same for you in return.

The Internet provides us a great tool for sharing the faith, but at times, it can seem rather impersonal.  You, the reader, may be hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from my home just outside of Chicago, but we can bridge that gap through the power of our personal stories.

As witnesses to the Gospel, sharing our faith should be an important part of our lives.  Today’s reading points out that sharing our faith using the Gospel is only step one; we must share ourselves – our personal stories – as well.

Our personal story helps engage others more deeply.  We can quote a thousand scriptures to someone, but it may have less of an impact on them than sharing how one single verse changed your life.  Reciting scripture may stir the mind, but our personal testimony has the power to convert the heart and soul.

Example:  Romans 8:31, a short, simple verse, was instrumental in helping my wife and I make it through some very difficult times:

If God is for us, who can be against us? -Romans 8:31, NAB

My wife and I were at a pivotal point in our relationship.  Again and again, we could choose to follow the way of the world, or follow our hearts towards Christ.  Choosing the path to Christ, we met opposition from some of our closest friends and relatives.  Keeping this verse in mind, we knew that following the path to God was the way to go, regardless of what others may say.

I hope that I can continue to share my thoughts and feelings with you for many years to come – integrating my life in a personal way among the midst of these Scripture reflections.  At the same time, I hope that you will do the same.  When you are given opportunities to share your faith with others, let your personal story come through as well.

Thank you again, Christoper, as well as anyone else who has ever written me words of encouragement through email, Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise.  You personal story lifts me up, and I am happy to share my story with you.  Many Blessings, Chad.

Share the Faith