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Where is Your Treasure?

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Luke 12:34…

On the nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus asks His disciples what they treasure most:

“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”  -Luke 12:34, NAB

Where is your treasure?  What do you value most in life?  Be careful what you treasure because it will define who you are – and who you will become.

Do you value your career above all?  Do you worry more about your finances than the happiness of your family?  Do you spend more time taking care of yourself than helping with the needs of others?

Our society has taught us to value ourselves above all else.  In a word, it’s all about me.  Society feels that by serving our own interests that we are somehow attaining a higher realization of who we are.  Yet the world is crumbling around us because of it, but no one seems to notice.

The world will simply not function correctly if we only serve our own wants and needs.  In our families, parishes, communities, countries, and the world-at-large, we achieve the most success when we work together serving the needs of the greater good.

Do not let your heart be consumed by your own desires.  Instead, realize that the greatest treasures come without a price tag.

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