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Romans 7:24

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Miserable One that I Am…

Have you come to the realization of who we really are?

“Miserable one that I am! Who will deliver me from this mortal body?” -Romans 7:24 NAB

The past few days, we have covered a lot about the stain of sin on our lives.  Paul taught us in verse after verse about the depravity of our mortal bodies.  We are fallen, lost souls, but who comes to save us?

Through the grace of our Lord, we are saved through His death on the cross.  By His sacrifice, we can be forgiven of our sins.  It is this awesome truth that defines our faith and beliefs as Christians.

For many, if your faith is strong and secure, this may not exactly be news to you, but how often do we take time to reflect on this?  Amidst our deep theological studies, our time spent in prayer, and our charitable works, do we stop to acknowledge that the main point of our faith is the salvation we receive through our Lord.

Take time today to reflect on the blessings we receive from God, not just in our earthly blessings, but in our hope for an eternal life with the Father.  Salvation is the cornerstone of our faith and the reason we call ourselves Catholic and Christian.  Miserable as we may be, God loves us anyway.

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