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Romans 6:12-13

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Weapons of Wickedness…

A sinful life will only lead in one direction:

“Therefore, sin must not reign over your mortal bodies so that you obey their desires. And do not present the parts of your bodies to sin as weapons for wickedness, but present yourselves to God as raised from the dead to life and the parts of your bodies to God as weapons for righteousness.” -Romans 6:12-13 NAB

Today’s verse truly puts into words what our sinful lifestyle can do.  Paul continues to lecture the Romans about the effects of a sinful lifestyle.  Here, he uses some strong language that equates sin to “weapons of wickedness.”  It truly puts things into perspective.

Most of the time, we simply look at sin and how it impacts our own lives, but the reality is that it is usually just as damaging to the people around us.  When we engage in premarital sex, we are hurting the one we love so much.  When we are struggling with addiction, it can impact everyone in our lives.  And, when we have an abortion, we are taking an innocent life.

Sin has a way of hurting many people.  Not only is it a weapon for wickedness, but it is one that we do not wield with any control.  Our carelessness causes unintended, innocent victims from this weapon, and we do not even seem to realize the damage we may be doing until the damage has been done.

All hope is not lost.  Instead of carrying the weapon of wickedness, we can pick up weapons of righteousness.  Through the Sacraments, and a relationship with Jesus Christ, we can start to repair the damage we have caused.  And, instead of causing more damage, we can start to do some good as well.

Sin can be a powerful weapon for wickedness, but living a life of faith is a much stronger weapon for righteousness.  God calls each of us to be soldiers for Christ, and to take up our weapons of righteousness.  When  you look down into the palm of your hand, which weapon are you carrying?

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