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Romans 5:20-21

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What’s the Point?…

Why did God create the Law, a set of standards that we could never live up to?

“The law entered in so that transgression might increase but, where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through justification for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” -Romans 5:20-21 NAB

From the very beginning, we have never been able to live up to the Law.  Sometimes, it seems as if God is setting us up for failure.  In a way, that might be partially true, but that is not the only reason.  The number one reason He gave us the Law, I believe, was to give us a set of moral standards to live by.  It teaches us how to interact with each other – and with Him.  Without a defined moral standard, where would we be today?  Society, as bad as it may seem to us now, would be far worse than it is.

Back to the Law being a standard that we’ll never reach.  We will try to live up to His standards, and some will try harder than others.  Yet, regardless of how hard we try, we will all fall short.  Not some of us.  Not even many of us.  All of us.  Why would God make it so hard for us not to sin?  Why would God set all of us up for death and damnation?

Let’s look at an analogy.  Kids have little understanding of money.  Give them ten $1 bills, and they are ready to live like a millionaire.  Give them one $100 bill, and they’ll lose it under their bed.  It is not until they get older, until they become more mature, that they begin to understand what the value of a dollar truly is.  More importantly, it is when they have a bit of money to their name, but then lose it, that they truly begin to understand.

Our understanding of our faith, sin, and grace is much like this.  When we lack spiritual maturity, we struggle to understand how much debt our sin has created.  We fail to comprehend the true value that God’s grace brings into our lives.  But, with spiritual maturity, we begin to understand how much debt we have accumulated and the value of God’s grace.  We could never earn enough buy it on our own, and it is a larger debt than we could ever afford.

Our sin has made us poor, but Christ can wipe away our debts. Why did God create the Law knowing that we could never live up to it?  So that we fully understand how much the grace He has given us is truly worth.

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