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Romans 3:5-8

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Proof of God’s Love…

The farther we fall, the more we prove how much God loves us:

“But if our wickedness provides proof of God’s righteousness, what can we say? Is God unjust, humanly speaking, to inflict his wrath? Of course not! For how else is God to judge the world?

But if God’s truth redounds to his glory through my falsehood, why am I still being condemned as a sinner? And why not say – as we are accused and as some claim we say – that we should do evil that good may come of it? Their penalty is what they deserve.” -Romans 3:5-8 NAB

True love – what is it?  To find true love, we need to look no further than our God who loves us despite our many faults.  It is not His love of the saints that is amazing; it is His love of the sinner that truly shows His perfect love for us.

Our failures are proof of God’s caring, loving, merciful heart.  As we continue to fail more and more, we also prove the greatness of our God more and more.  Somehow, God seems to love us, even when we do not seem to love Him back.  We lose sight of Him and turn our back on Him, but He will always stand by us, no matter what.

God is righteous, genuine, loving, caring, just, and merciful – all at the same time.  He has every reason to punish and condemn us for eternity.  Instead, He sent His Son to save us, hoping that we would turn from our ways.  But, if He is going to forgive us anyway, does that mean we should not care about committing sin?  If our sin proves His love, does that mean we should sin more?  As Paul states, “Of course not!”

We can find comfort and hope in God’s merciful arms despite our many failings.  When we fail to love God, it simply proves His love for us even more.

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