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Romans 3:1-4

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No matter how much we fail, we cannot diminish God’s majesty:

“What advantage is there then in being a Jew? Or what is the value of circumcision? Much, in every respect. (For) in the first place, they were entrusted with the utterances of God. What if some were unfaithful? Will their infidelity nullify the fidelity of God? Of course not!” -Romans 3:1-4 NAB

Time and time again, the Israelites fell short of living up to God’s commandments.  Their relationship with Him was a rollercoaster full of peaks and valleys.  As His chosen people, they could not hold up their end of the bargain, yet God never waivered.  Now, in our New Covenant with the Lord, we face many of the same peaks and valleys, and God continues to remain true to His word.

As individuals, and collectively as a Church, history proves that we cannot seem to remain faithful to God.  While some look at the fallen world today as the worst it has ever been, there are other periods of history that were just as corrupt and vile.  Men and women engaging in overly sinful lifestyles is nothing new.  We are not the first generation to fall away from God, and we will surely not be the last.

Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do for the whole of society.  We can try to make an impact, and we may in some small way; however, the problem is much bigger than any one of us can tackle on our own.  There are only two things that we can do.  First, we need to realize that the one small world that we can have a major impact on is our own.  We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our world.  Second, to really make a difference in the world, it will have to be a collective effort, united as one Church.

Despite our best efforts, the world will surely fall short of being worthy of God’s grace and forgiveness; nevertheless, He patiently waits for each one of us.  We may fail many times, but the Lord never will.  Hope will always remain.

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