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Romans 2:9-11

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First in Line…

For blessings or punishments, God’s chosen people will always be at the front of the line:

“Yes, affliction and distress will come upon every human being who does evil, Jew first and then Greek. But there will be glory, honor, and peace for everyone who does good, Jew first and then Greek. There is no partiality with God.” -Romans 2:9-11 NAB

There are times when it is good to be first in line, and times when it is not so great.  For the Jews, and now the Christians, we will always be at the front of God’s line.  When it is time to accept blessings for the great things we have done in His name, we will be first in line; however, when it is time to receive punishment for all of our wrongs, we will still be first in line.  Regardless of our actions, whether good or bad, we will always find ourselves at the front of the line.

As Catholics and Christians, God expects more out of us.  We know His Commandments, and He expects us to follow them.  For that reason, we will receive our punishment for our wrongdoings before anyone who does not know the Law.  It is bad enough to do wrong, but it is even worse when we know that we are wrong.  This alone is reason enough for some to deny God.  By pretending that He does not exist, they hope to step further back in line.  Well, no matter how far back they go, punishment is still coming anyway.

On the other hand, instead of running from our punishment, let’s faithfully step to the front of the line and accept our blessings.  In the same way that punishments are handed out, so are blessings.  If we have been good, faithful servants of our Lord, then we have nothing to fear about being first.  God wants to reward us, but we need to step up to accept it first.  Instead of running away from God, afraid of the coming judgment, we should stand tall at the front of the line, unafraid because of the good we have done in His name.

Where are you at in line?  Are you faithfully standing at the front of the line as a disciple of Christ?  Wherever you may be standing, are you fearful of His punishment or cheerfully awaiting your reward?  It’s a question only you can answer, and it comes from the bottom of your soul.  Take a deep look inside and what do you see?

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