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Examine Scripture

Romans 15:1-2

Share the Faith

Different Levels…

If you are strong in faith, use that strength to lift up others:

We who are strong ought to put up with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves; let each of us please our neighbor for the good, for building up. -Romans 15:1-2, NAB

No one is on exactly the same level of faith.  As unique individuals, we will each have different strengths and weaknesses.  Some will find their strength in prayer, but not have the greatest knowledge of theology.  Others may be theological scholars, but may not have a strong, personal relationship with Christ.  The same is true for everyone else around us as well.

We must not look down on someone who is not as strong as us in certain areas, just as we would not want them to look down on our weaknesses.  If you are gifted with acts of service, don’t think that you’re better than people who are not.  Instead, teach them how to serve as you serve.  In return, they may be able to help you grow in another way.

I mention service because it is one of the areas that I personally struggle with.  While I enjoy writing, speaking, and other ways of sharing my faith, I am not as strong and adept at serving my community.  My wife, on the other hand, loves to serve, and instead of looking down on me, she has taught me to go outside of my comfort zone in acts of service.  She chooses not to look down on me, but decided to lift me up instead.  For that, I am very grateful.

On the flip side, I enjoy my daily writing.  It is something that I always look forward to.  My wife is a little more shy about her writing, but it is something she has been forced to work on as we complete our degree.  Being an adult student is difficult enough, and overcoming her struggles to write has not made it any easier.  However, over that last couple of years, I have been able to use my gifts to help her with her writing, and I am still amazed at her growth.  All it took was a little patience.

Our strengths and level of faith are a gift from God, and we must use them to help each other grow and mature in faith.  Whether it is at home, at work, or at your local parish, you will deal with people on a variety of different levels.  Together, let’s use our strengths to lift up others as we look for their help in return.  If we do, we can all take our faith to a new level.

Share the Faith