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Examine Scripture

Romans 12:15

Share the Faith

Laugh and Cry Together…

We are one Church, one body of believers, and we should share in each others’ joys and sorrows:

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” -Romans 12:15, NAB

Often times, we see our faith as an individual relationship between us and Christ, but it is so much more than that.  While our faith may be strong, it is our faith together, as one body of believers, that truly shines.  We are more than one singular Christian, we are a community of believers.

As a community, it is important for us to share the best and worst of our lives.  When joy comes, we must celebrate together.  When darkness falls, we must lean on one another.  Together, we will find strength and support for whatever life throws at us.

Have you ever had something good happen to you, such as reaching a milestone or great accomplishment, but you didn’t have anyone to celebrate with?  It’s a very lonely feeling, and it quickly deflates any excitement we may have had.  But, when we can celebrate together, it means so much more.

Have you ever faced a time of struggle, but did not have anyone to turn to for help?  Sure, you may be able to pull yourself through it, but it is much more difficult.  When we have the love and support of others, we gain allies to help us win any battle.

During our courtship, my wife and I made choices that were unpopular with mainstream society as we attempted to live out our faith and values.  When we faced those trials, it was our fellow parishioners that helped to lift us up.  When we finally celebrated the Sacrament of Marriage, they were still right there with us to join us in the celebration.  The relationships we have with our fellow Catholics is an important part of our faith, and one of the major reasons we are who we are today.

Take time to develop these special relationships with our fellow Catholics.  Learn to laugh and cry together, celebrating the joys and comforting the sorrows.  In time, these relationships will become some of the most important relationships you will ever have.

Share the Faith