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Romans 10:4

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Fulfillment of the Law…

Through Jesus Christ we find freedom from our Sin:

“For Christ is the end of the law for the justification of everyone who has faith.” -Romans 10:4, NAB

Each morning, as I write these daily Bible verses before I head off to work, I go to the Vatican’s website to find which verse is next.  At the bottom of each page, they have some interesting footnotes to each chapter, and here is today’s:

“The Mosaic legislation has been superseded by God’s action in Jesus Christ. Others understand end here in the sense that Christ is the goal of the law, i.e., the true meaning of the Mosaic law, which cannot be correctly understood apart from him. Still others believe that both meanings are intended.” -taken from the Vatican website

From this, we can take two meanings from today’s verse.  First, Jesus Christ has come to “supersede” the Mosaic Law, and secondly, although Christ supersedes that Law, He actually came as a fulfillment of that Law.  But, what does this mean to us today?

The way I see it, the Mosaic Law was a set of guidelines and rules for the Jews that taught them how to live their life, and many of those same principles hold true today; however, it is not our ability to live up to the Law that matters, but our faith in Jesus Christ.  Our faith will lead us to follow many of those laws and produce good works, but, as we read in earlier verses from Romans, faith must also be present.

The Jewish people have lived under the Law for thousands of years, and they have struggled to adhere to them – just as we continue to struggle with sin ourselves.  God recognized our inability to live up to the standards of this Law, so He sent down His Son to supersede and fulfill it.  How does He supersede and fulfill it?  Through the forgiveness we receive by His death on the cross.

May we thank God every day, especially during our Lenten reflections, for sending His Son to supersede and fulfill the Law.

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