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Examine Scripture

Romans 10:1-2

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Pray for Nonbelievers…

It’s tough to know what to do for the ones we love who do not accept Christ:

“Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God on their behalf is for salvation. I testify with regard to them that they have zeal for God, but it is not discerning.” -Romans 10:1-2, NAB

What can we do for our loved one that is facing challenges in their life but still cannot accept Christ?  Pray.

What can we do for our friends who are succeeding in life and spend their life chasing the riches of this world?  Pray.

What can we do for the broken-hearted that have turned their backs on God out of anger and sadness?  Pray.

What can we do for the children raised in a home where Christ is not at the center?  Pray.

We can try to become a great evangelist and convert everyone we know, but in the end, it may not be enough.  We can become an expert apologist and defend our faith every chance we get, but in the end, it may not be enough.  Regardless of how hard we try, there are those we will simply never reach, and when we come to that realization, that is when we fall to our knees in prayer.

I would like to end today’s Bible reading with a prayer because it seems like the only thing appropriate:

Dear Lord, we come to You today to ask that You unharden the hearts of the ones we love so dearly, our family, our friends, and our neighbors.  May You shine Your light on them and guide them towards Your love, gracy, and mercy, O Lord.  Thank You for the many blessings and miracles that You have worked in our lives, and please allow us to use these blessings as a testament to your love.  In Your Name we pray.  Amen.

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