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Examine Scripture

Romans 1:5-7

Share the Faith

Sent in His Name…

Our call to action is much like Paul’s words to the Romans:

“Through him we have received the grace of apostleship, to bring about the obedience of faith, for the sake of his name, among all the Gentiles, among whom are you also, who are called to belong to Jesus Christ; to all the beloved of God in Rome, called to be holy. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” -Romans 1:5-7, NAB

Through Christ, we have received an awesome gift, but it is not a gift that was meant to be kept for ourselves; instead, it is a gift that is meant to be shared.  Some will choose to share it with their close family and friends.  Others will choose to become missionaries and share it with people all over the world.  Whether our audience is large or small, from our local streets to the corners of the earth, we must learn to share our faith.

Our faith brings us many graces, but few are as important as the grace of apostleship.  While being an apostle holds a special meaning in our Christian language for the Apostles (capital A) first called by Christ to share His message, we are also asked to follow in their footsteps.  We are not one of Christ’s original Apostles, but we can continue to carry out their work in the same way.

In the Catholic Church, we see our bishops as successors to the Apostles – just as we see the pope as the successor to Peter.  The mission of the Apostles has been continued and carried on through the centuries by these men, but the mission is not theirs alone.  While they continue to spread the word as part of their Apostolic mission, much of their time is spent tending to their flock.  As they tend to their flock, it is up to us then to help them share the message with the world around us.

Do not keep you faith locked away and hidden; allow let the light of your faith shine so that others can see it.  You may not be a bishop, a priest, or a deacon, but that should not stop you from sharing Christ’s love, and His wonderful message, with the world.

Share the Faith