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Examine Scripture

Romans 1:14-16

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Beyond Catholics…

The truth we find in the Catholic Church should be shared with everyone we know:

“To Greeks and non-Greeks alike, to the wise and the ignorant, I am under obligation; that is why I am eager to preach the gospel also to you in Rome. For I am not ashamed of the gospel. It is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: for Jew first, and then Greek.” -Romans 1:14-16, NAB

Originally, God made His Covenant with the Jewish people, but with His New Covenant, sealed at the cross by Christ’s sacrifice, it extended beyond the Jewish people and out to the whole world.  For many Jews at the time, it was tough for them to accept that God’s grace was open to everyone.  For so long, they had held a special place with God, and now, all of that had changed.

There are times that it seems as if some Catholics act like the Jews did 2000 years ago.  They feel as if their Catholic faith is something they inherit by birthright.  Let me explain something very clearly, even if your parents, grandparents, and great- grandparents were faithful Catholics, it means very little if you do not actively live out your own faith.  You are not born Catholic; you choose to be Catholic.

Whether you continue to live according to your childhood Catholic teachings, or you are an adult convert to the Catholic Church, you are a Catholic because you choose to be.  You choose to go to Mass.  You choose to attend Confession and Reconciliation.  You choose to live out a life faithful to the Church’s Magisterium.  Regardless of your parents religious choices, we are all equally Catholic.

In order for you to be Catholic, someone had to open you up to Catholicism.  It may have been your parents who faithfully taught you the ways of the Church.  It may have been a friend or family member who shared their faith with you later in life.  The key is that someone did.  You would not be Catholic if someone had not pointed you in the right direction.  It is for that reason that we must continue to share our faith in the same way.

Catholicism is not an exclusive club.  It does not matter who your parents are or where you were born.  The only thing that matters is the choice you make.  Now that you have made the choice to be Catholic, the next step is to help others make the same choice.  

Share the Faith