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Overcoming Anxiety

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Give Your Troubles to the Lord

We all face continual struggles in our life.  There is no way to avoid the challenges and roadblocks that life has to offer.  Actually, if we try to avoid them, it usually leads to larger challenges and bigger roadblocks.  The obstacles we face can often bring anxiety.  We can give in to the anxiety and accept defeat, or we can overcome our anxieties in another way:

“Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  -Philippians 4:6-7, NAB

Living without anxiety is an almost impossible task.  No matter how hard we try, at one time or another, we will all struggle with it.  Instead of leaning on our own strength and wisdom, we must turn to the Lord to protect us.  Through prayer, He will shelter us from the storm, and He will guide us down the right path.  Before GPS devices, men often struggled not to get lost on their way to a new destination.  Even with best maps, it was still possible to make the wrong turns.  In a situation like that, we have two choices: continue down the wrong path or stop to ask for help.  In the moments of your life when you feel lost, do you stop to ask for help?

I make it no secret that many of my writings on a weekly basis are reflections on my own personal life.  My life, like yours, is not free from trouble and anxiety.  I am faced with the same struggles and challenges that many of you face.  Yet, many look at my demeanor, the way that I handle life’s difficulties, and they feel that few things seem to affect me.  But, what allows me to stare down the enemy and overcome these things?  Is it my strength?  Is it apathy to the problem?  Or, is it a gift that I was born with?  In fact, it is none of these things.  Only through faith can I find peace in the hard times.  Only through the peace of Christ do I find happiness.  It is not something that I alone have the keys to unlock; God’s protection is available to us all.

Never will I claim to have all the answers.  Never will I say that I do not face my share of struggles.  But, through prayer, I will say that the Lord has shown me the way.  Many times, we will not know the answer, and there are no guarantees that our struggles will pass.  The only guarantee that we do have is that He will bring us peace if we ask for it.  No matter what you may be struggling with, turn it over to God.  Do not try to overcome it on your own.  Let His wisdom guide you and accept the protection that only He can give.

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