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The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

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1 John 3:18…

As we prepare to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day this week, let us remember:

Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth. -1 John 3:18, NAB

There is a lot of mystery surrounding St. Valentine, just like many of the early saints, but St. Valentine’s Day has become a part of our modern culture as a day to celebrate our relationships and the greatest gift God could give to us: love.

Like most holidays, symbols and imagery have taken over Valentine’s Day.  Society has filled the day with pink and red colors, little cupids with arrows, and tiny candy hearts with messages on them.  This is a fun way to celebrate the holiday, but our love should go deeper than this.

We try to represent how much we love someone by the gift of a diamond necklace and the words of a greeting card, yet it can never really convey how we truly feel.  And no matter how many times we tell someone “I love you,” it cannot compare to our actual deeds.  It’s not enough to tell someone that we love them; we have to show them.

Love is a beautiful thing; however, it is not just a feeling or sentiment.  Love is an action, a verb.  We show our love through our actions on St. Valentine’s Day, and we should continue those actions throughout the rest of the year.  Breakfast in bed, a dozen roses, or a loving card should not come only once a year.

As St. John tells us, “let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth” this Valentine’s Day.  If God has blessed you with someone to love, show them with your every word, thought, and action.  And when Valentine’s Day has come and gone, continue showing them that love for the next 364 days – until Valentine’s Day comes again next year.

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