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Mark 14:3-9

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Loving Our Savior…

Jesus pours out His love on us, but do we pour out our love completely on Him?

When he was in Bethany reclining at table in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came with an alabaster jar of perfumed oil, costly genuine spikenard. She broke the alabaster jar and poured it on his head. There were some who were indignant. “Why has there been this waste of perfumed oil? It could have been sold for more than three hundred days’ wages and the money given to the poor.” They were infuriated with her.

Jesus said, “Let her alone. Why do you make trouble for her? She has done a good thing for me. The poor you will always have with you, and whenever you wish you can do good to them, but you will not always have me. She has done what she could. She has anticipated anointing my body for burial. Amen, I say to you, wherever the gospel is proclaimed to the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her.” -Mark 14:3-9, NAB

The woman poured out a year’s wages over Jesus to show her love for Him, but it probably took her more than a year to afford that oil.  How long would it take you to save a year’s wages?  She probably spent her savings that took years, if not a lifetime, to save up.  Would you be willing to do the same?

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Christ poured out His life for us – sparing no expense at the cross – yet we put limits on the love we show Him in return.  We limit the money we put in the offering plate.  We limit our time serving the poor and needy.  We limit the moments we spend in prayer.  Instead of offering Christ the first portion of our time and paycheck, we only offer Him what is left over at the end of the week.

Change begins with our priorities.  We need to make Christ our first priority – giving our time and money to Him before we give it anywhere else.  The effect that it has on our life is immeasurable.  By giving the first fruits of our labor to Christ, we acknowledge that they would not exist without His blessing in the first place.  Without His love, would we have the life or financial means that we do today?

Jesus said that this woman’s act would be remembered for generations to come, and here we are today, speaking of her.  Similarly, we look at the saints and blesseds in the same way.  The work of Blessed Mother Teresa, who poured out the fullness of her alabaster jar, will continue to be remembered long after she is gone.  History is filled with great Catholics that will long be remembered for the love they shared with the world.

Chances are that few will remember our financial status after we are gone.  No one will care that we were the vice president of anything.  What people will remember, however, is the love we pour out on the world around us.  When we empty our alabaster jars on the world, we can have an impact that will last generations.  No one remembers the name of the woman from Mark 14, and they may not remember yours, but they will remember the good deeds you have done.

Do you want to live forever?  Then, pour out every ounce of love you have on the world around you.  Leave the lasting impact that only love can make.

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