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Mark 12:10-11

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In one of the most famously quoted Scriptures from the Gospels, Jesus tells us His role in the Church:

Have you not read this scripture passage: ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes’?  -Mark 12:10-11, NAB

The cornerstone, by far, is the most important stone in an entire building.  In order for the rest of the building to come together correctly, this stone has to be perfect.  Jesus, as the cornerstone of the Church, embodies that perfection.

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When building a foundation, the first stone or brick laid must be perfectly set.  If it is not level or is uneven, the rest of the building will be, as well.  If it is not perfectly square, the rest of the building can go out of alignment.  If it is not facing the right direction, the rest of the building will go in the wrong direction.

Christ, by His perfect life, was the best cornerstone that one could imagine.  He ensured the Church was level, aligned, and going in the right direction.  Unfortunately, we may not always fall in line with the foundation that He has set for us.

Jesus, the perfect stone, was not seen that way by some.  Many could not accept Him as the Son of God and rejected Him.  Despite those that rejected Him, Christ became the cornerstone anyway.

Christ is the cornerstone of the Church, and He also can be the cornerstone of our lives.  We, the builders of our own lives, have the choice to accept Christ and make Him our cornerstone, or reject Him, just as many of the Jewish leaders did.

With Christ as the cornerstone of our lives, we can be sure that the foundation of our lives is solid.  It will be even and level – helping us to maintain a steady faith; it will be squarely set – ensuring the rest of our lives can build upon it; and, it will be facing the right direction – providing the course to eternal life.

Do you accept Christ as the Cornerstone of the Church and  your faith?  Is Christ the cornerstone of your life?  For those who do not have Christ as the cornerstone, place Him there and watch as the rest of your life falls into place.  You’ll be amazed at the transformation.

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