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Mark 1:22

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How could a simple carpenter teach with authority about scripture?

The people were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes. -Mark 1:22, NAB

Jesus was not someone who was trained to be a great religious teacher.  He was not training to become a high priest or a scribe; instead, He was training to become a carpenter.  How, then, could He teach with authority?  Who would listen to a mere carpenter from a small town?  Many people did because Jesus was no ordinary carpenter.

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We are told that Jesus taught with authority and not as a scribe.  What’s the difference?  Well, first it is important to understand what a scribe was in Christ’s time.  Scribes read, studied, taught, and wrote about Jewish law.  They interpreted and then communicated the law to the people.

In contrast to the scribes, Jesus did not simply share the law that was passed to Him – He was the Law.  He had authority over it as God incarnate.  Christ came to

Christ is often remembered for His many miracles and His saving work on the cross, but we must not forget the importance of His teachings.  The Gospels are filled with many wise teachings from Christ, and they are more than just suggestions – they are words to live by. fulfill the Law and establish a New Covenant with the people.  This separated Him from the work of the scribes.

From His many parables to the Sermon on the Mount, let the words of Christ be a light in your life through this dark, dreary world.  Christ was more than simply a wise teacher and scribe of the Law; He was the Law… and still is.

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