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Learning Our Lesson…

When I look at our economy, sometimes I wonder if we will ever learn:

“Poverty and shame befall the man who disregards correction, but he who heeds reproof is honored.”  -Proverbs 13:18, NAB

Politics is generally not an area that I would choose to debate on this site.  When it comes to our financial meltdown over the past few years though, the problem has gone past party lines as the governments of the entire world have poorly mismanaged this situation.  With the world’s economy near collapse, what do we do next?

The United States is in debt beyond what it can afford to pay back.  So, what do we do?  Borrow more money, of course!  Let’s follow the logic.  If you knew someone who was thousands of dollars in debt due to credit cards, you would not tell them to get another credit card just to pay the others with.  But, on a larger scale, our government has sold us on this as the best solution.

You cannot fix your debt problem by taking on more debt.  That is not the way it works.  Occasionally, we all find ourselves in tight financial situations.  At times, we may have to make some sacrifices to pull through, but with prudence, you can make it.  We struggle most when we fail to learn our lesson.  Instead of facing the music, we try to take shortcuts around our financial problems.  Eventually, this only leads us to larger problems.

The world’s governments have done a horrible job of managing the debt crisis.  They have tried to fix the debt with more debt.  As a nation and a planet, we need to face the correction that comes from our mistakes.  Unfortunately, the world may not learn its lesson, but that does not mean that you cannot learn yours.

If you’re facing an economical crisis of your own, tough it out.  Face your problems head on, and I promise you will make it through.  I know you can because I have been there.  Years ago, when the rest of the country was raking in money hand over fist, I was in near financial ruin.  In my late 20s, I was making less than I did while I was in High School.  I was down, but not out.

What was my get rich quick scheme?  How did I get out of that mess?  I overcame it by facing the suffering I had brought upon myself.  There was no magic formula, just hard work.  By putting in the time and effort, I slowly put my life back together.  Years later, my life may not be 100% back to where it was, but maybe it’s better that way.

If you’re in financial trouble, learn the lesson you are being taught.  Quit looking for the easy way out.  Quit taking shortcuts.  Face your problems head on, and with the Lord by your side, I promise that He will see you through.

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