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Who Do You Want To Be?

Recently, we celebrated Easter and Christ’s resurrection, and the story could not be told if someone were not present to witness it.  If you did not know who Christ first appeared to after His resurrection, who do you think He would choose?  St. Peter, the man He set as the foundation of His church?  The Jewish leaders, the men who did not believe He was the Son of God?  His mother, a woman who was there for Him to the last moments of His life?  But, He did not appear to any of these people.  Who did He first appear to?  Mary Magdalene, a woman freed of seven demons and a disciple of Jesus, was the first to see Him after His resurrection.

“Mary of Magdala went and announced to the disciples, ‘I have seen the Lord…'”  -John 20:18, NAB

Why Mary Magdalene?  Who would believe her over one of the Apostles?  It leaves so many questions.  Christ could have chosen anyone to be the first to see Him, and the first to spread the news of His resurrection.  Of those people, He chose Mary Magdalene.  As strange as it may seem, in many ways, it makes perfect sense.

During this time period, women were anything but respected.  In most aspects of life, especially religious aspects, women were not treated as equals.  Christ, however, was bringing a New Covenant – one where every man and woman could be saved through Christ.  As part of God’s greater plan, He chose to begin spreading the news of this New Covenant through an unlikely source to mark the radical change that was coming.  Not even the disciples seemed ready for what Christ was about to do.

To really understand God’s plan, we have to try look through His eyes – as hard as that may be.  Christ did not see Mary Magdalene as the woman with seven demons.  He did not see her as a sinful woman.  In fact, it did not matter to Him that she was a woman at all.  What Christ saw was a devoted follower.  He did not care about her past.  He did not care about her race, ethnicity, or gender.  And, He does not care about who you were or who you are.  He only cares about who you want to be.

God’s grace and mercy is offered freely to each and every one of us.  No matter how stained our past, He will forgive us.  No matter where we come from, He accepts us.  Through Mary Magdalene, Christ showed us that the door is open for all of us.  We are all invited to dinner at His table.  Will you join Him?

With Easter over, many people will go back to their daily lives.  They made their way to church for that obligatory once or twice a year, but Christ is so much more than something that we should celebrate twice a year.  He is worth celebrating 365 days a year!  I don’t care what you did in the past, or where you came from.  God is calling you to spend time with Him each and every day.  Go to Mass this week – and then every week after that.  Pick up your Bible, dust it off, and read a little.  Take time before you go to bed to say a quick “Our Father.”  Right now, decide who you want to be!


What’s Next?

For the next few weeks, we will be looking at the 40 days Christ spent on Earth after His resurrection and before His ascension to heaven.  Then, that will lead us directly into Pentecost.  Some great material coming up!

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