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Like Lambs Among Wolves

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Luke 10:3…

On the fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus sends us out like lambs among wolves:

“Go on your way; behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves.” -Luke 10:3, NAB

This verse probably needs little explaining.  We are called to go out into a world that is hostile to everything we say, and even who we are.  The world despises everything about us.

The world is ravenous.  It is a wild beast fully engulfed in its sinfulness.  Meanwhile, Christ asks us to go out like innocent lambs into this perilous world.  We are to take nothing with us for protection except our faith in the Lord.

Sharing Christ’s message with the world is not an easy task, and it can sometimes be a dangerous one.  Countless martyrs have paid their lives to share the Gospel.  And this is not just something that happened centuries ago – it continues to happen today!

In Western society, we once felt safe sharing our faith openly in the public square, but those freedoms are slowly disappearing.  The persecution we face today may not seem that horrific.  With a little time, however, things could quickly become much worse.

Christ is sending us out like lambs among wolves, and if the world continues to become more wild and ferocious like wolves, we must more tightly embrace the innocence of the Lamb of God.

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