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James 4:10

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Humble Yourselves….

The key to being raised high in God’s view is to lower our view of ourselves:

Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you.  -James 4:10, NAB

The subject of humility comes up once again, and rightfully so – because it is a topic that many of us struggle with.  In this verse, St. James offers us a little motivation.  Humble yourselves, and God will exalt you in return.

What matters to God is different than what matters to us.  God is not focused on job promotions, how much money we make, how fast we can run, the records we set, or how many awards we receive.  Instead, He is pleased when we humble ourselves and turn our full attention to Christ.

Still, ask someone to tell the story of their life, and they will give you a list of accomplishments.  It might begn with the 3rd grade spelling bee and continue through their latest promotion at work.  It may even include all of their achievements for the Church.

But when we are asked to write our own autobiography, it should be one line:  I am a servant of Christ.

We all want God to be proud of us, to exalt us for being faithful Christians, and the path to it begins with humility.  As we lower our opinion of ourselves, God’s opinion of us will surely increase.

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