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Making a House Your Home…

Are you in need of a little spiritual remodeling?

By wisdom is a house built, by understanding is it made firm; and by knowledge are its rooms filled with every precious and pleasing possession.  -Proverbs 24:3-4, NAB

I’m sure there are those who wonder where the topics for the Sunday Bible verses come from.  Many times, it is from a specific event on the liturgical calendar.  Other times, it follows events around the world, like holidays.  But today, it comes from an event in my own life – the remodeling of our bathroom.
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My wife and I live in a condo that we have spent a great deal of time making our own.  With splashes of paint and new flooring, it continually becomes more and more a reflection of who we are.  Our next project: an outdated bathroom in need of plenty of TLC.

When we remodel, we can take a number of approaches.  We may need to simply add a little color and throw in some accessories.  Other times, it requires gutting the whole room and starting from scratch.  For this project, we’re somewhere inbetween.

As I thought about it, it reminded me of our spiritual lives.  Sometimes, we just need a splash of color, like focusing on our prayer life, to liven up the look of our spiritual homes.  Other times, our spiritual homes are in such disrepair that we need to do some major demolition.  The key is knowing just the right spiritual renovation to make.

Today’s verse, from Proverbs 24, teaches us how to properly rebuild our spiritual homes.  By filling each room with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, we can rebuild our homes the right way.  A life rooted in faith, and built upon these three pillars, will have the right foundation to weather any storm. 

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