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Hebrews 7:11-14, 17

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New Covenant, New High Priest, New Law…

When the people failed to live up to the Law, Christ brought a New Covenant, and a New Law along with it:

If, then, perfection came through the levitical priesthood, on the basis of which the people received the law, what need would there still have been for another priest to arise according to the order of Melchizedek, and not reckoned according to the order of Aaron? When there is a change of priesthood, there is necessarily a change of law as well.

Now he of whom these things are said belonged to a different tribe, of which no member ever officiated at the altar. It is clear that our Lord arose from Judah, and in regard to that tribe Moses said nothing about priests… For it is testified: “You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.”  -Hebrews 7:11-14,17, NAB

After days of discussing Jesus being a priest from the order of Melchizedek, we finally learn why.  The high priest from the Levitical priesthood could not bring the people into a perfect relationship with God, so Christ came to close the gap as the new High Priest.

Why did Jesus not come from the line of Levitical priests?  Because He would have to serve the Old Law entrusted to the Levites.  Christ was bringing a New Law; therefore, He had to come from a different order of priests to do it.  The priesthood and the Law are connected together.  Change one, and you have to change both of them.

What was wrong with the Old Law?  Why did Jesus come to change it?  Simply put, as we see time and time again in the Old Testament, the Jewish people could not live up to it.  They struggled to be obedient to God, and they were often punished for it.  It made it difficult (near impossible) for them to maintain a relationship with their Creator.

By establishing a New Covenant with the people, Christ allows us to connect to God in a whole new way.  With Jesus as our High Priest, we can build a relationship directly with God.

Christ opened the door to a direct relationship with God through the New Law and New Covenant.  From there, the choice is up to us – stand at the door or take the first step inside.  What will you decide?

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