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Hebrews 3:12

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Unfaithful Hearts…

Even in the most difficult times, we must not turn our backs on God:

Take care, brothers, that none of you may have an evil and unfaithful heart, so as to forsake the living God.  -Hebrews 3:12, NAB

Yesterday’s verse, Hebrews 3:7-11, warned us against allowing our faith to fade when we begin to struggle.  Today’s verse takes it a step further by warning us to not allow anger, contempt, and sin to lead us to abandon our faith.

There are times when difficulties will tempt us to lose all faith.  We may become angry and upset with God – blaming Him for the trials we are facing.  We must resist this temptation, however, because God is not the source of our problems.  In fact, He may be the only one there for us when life gets really tough.

Anger and sadness are a natural reaction in many situations, but those feelings should not completely consume us.  Left unchecked, these feelings will lead us to sin and evil choices.  Our unfaithful hearts will lead us away from God, which can only lead to more difficulties.

The solution, then, is to turn to God during life’s greatest struggles.  Bring your prayers before Christ, and He will bring you peace.  Our God is a loving God who desperately wants to help you through whatever life throws at you.

You may be tempted to turn your back on God when times get tough, but luckily for us, He will not turn His back on us.

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