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Hebrews 2:18

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To show that He was fully God and fully Man, Jesus was tested like any one of us would be:

Because he himself was tested through what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested.  -Hebrews 2:18, NAB

During your times of trial and suffering, do you feel alone?  Can you feel Christ’s presence when you are being tested?  Jesus suffered many of the same trials we face so that we know He understands our pain.

How important were the trials Jesus faced to His ministry?  Well, when we look at the Gospel story, we see that His ministry began and ended with hardships.  He was tested in the desert before His ministry began, and tested again in His death.

By facing great adversity, Jesus drew Himself closer to us.  When we turn to Him in our times of despair, we know that He understands our pain.  Christ is not some distant deity sitting on a throne; He is the Son of God who faced the same grief and distress that we face today.

Christ did not come to simply perform miracles and show the power of God – He could have done that without taking human form.  He came to live the full human experience, so that He would feel both joy and suffering.  He wanted to feel what we feel in every way.

When we are facing afflictions, it is easier to turn to someone who has been there before, and by understanding our pain, they can help us from their own experience.  From His hunger in the desert to His torturous death, Christ knows the extremes of human suffering.

In His final test, Jesus faced the ultimate decision: to give one’s life for another.  By offering His life for ours, Christ showed us the meaning of true love.  He emptied Himself so that we might be made whole again.

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