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Hebrews 13:7

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Remember the Saints…

Some may get lost on the path to God, but finding our way is as easy as following in the footsteps of the saints who came before us:

Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.  -Hebrews 13:7, NAB

Walking through a forest, we have two choices: carve our own path through the trees, brush, and other obstacles, or follow the path that was carved out by the many travelers that came before us.  Both can lead us to our final destination, but obviously, following in the footsteps of others is much easier.

Our journey of faith is no different.  We can try to figure it out on our own, or we can remember the saints and follow close behind them.

First, we look at our local leaders, from our parish priests and deacons to the many lay people helping to spread the faith.  They have personally touched our lives in many ways and serve as an example to follow from our daily lives.  Through them, we see the work of the communion of saints in our local communities.

Next, we look at the leaders of the Catholic Church – our bishops and cardinals.  We especially look to the Bishop of Rome, including Pope Francis and his predecessors Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.  We may not know them personally, but they provide an excellent example to follow.

Finally, we remember the saints formally canonized by the Church.  From St. Francis of Assisi to St. Ignatius of Loyola, there are a number of saints that have impacted my life.  I follow their teachings and do my best to imitate their faith.  By following in their footsteps, I hope that I will stay on the path to Christ.

Catholics do not remember the saints in an attempt to worship them; we remember them so that we may imitate them with the hope that, one day, we might become saints ourselves.  Are you following in their footsteps?

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