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Hebrews 13:4

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Today, we tackle one of the greatest issues in our culture:

Let marriage be honored among all and the marriage bed be kept undefiled, for God will judge the immoral and adulterers.  -Hebrews 13:4, NAB

One look at the world today and we can plainly see that the sanctity of marriage is in trouble.  Many relationships no longer focus on the act of self-giving love and instead focus on self-gratifying lust.  Some think that this is harmless, but the effects have been devastating to our culture.

More marriages end up in divorce.  Too many children grow up without fathers.  Cheating is all too common.  The abortion business is booming.  And marriage is being redefined, both culturally and politically.

Still, many try to deny the effect this has had on our culture.  The evidence is clear, but they pretend the proof is not right there in front of us.  They hide behind science and statistics for every other debate, but when the data goes against their beliefs, they try to deny it.

Many of our fellow Catholics and Christians have taken up these causes.  They fight for the definition of marriage.  They fight for the sanctity of every human life.  They fight for restoring morals in popular culture.  Unfortunately, we seem to be losing these battles.

What can we do then?  Win the war!

What is the war?  The war for souls, of course.

Trying to defend these many issues, one battle at a time, has proven difficult, but there is an alternative: convert souls to Christ.  If we convert someone to the Catholic faith, most of the time, these other issues will take care of themselves.  Maybe not right away, but with time, they will understand our views.

So we can continue spending all of our time fighting losing battles in the political and social arenas, or we can turn our attention to the spiritual by making evangelization our primary objective.  If more Catholics focused on true evangelization, we could have a major impact on our culture.

We are losing the battles for marriage, for our religious freedom, and against abortion in our culture today, but instead of focusing on these losing efforts, let’s turn our attention to winning the war by converting souls to Christ.  Evangelization, not politics, is the key.  Bring a soul to Christ, and the rest falls in place.  Only then can we win these many battles, one soul at a time.

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