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Hebrews 12:25,29

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Our God is a Consuming Fire…

Rejecting God has some dire consequences:

See that you do not reject the one who speaks… For our God is a consuming fire.  -Hebrews 12:25,29, NAB

The math is simple.  Rejecting God makes us unholy.  God is a consuming fire that, by His very essence, burns up anything unholy.  Therefore, if we are unholy, we will be burned by God’s consuming fire.

Of course, some will immediately begin to question God’s love for us.  A God that loves us would not want anything bad to happen to us, right?  He would not want to consume us with His holy fire, would He?

Yes, God loves us and wants us to be with Him, but our willful rejection of His love and mercy is our choice – not His.  He loves us enough to save us, yet He also loves us enough to give us free will.  He will not force His love onto us.  Accepting His love is a choice that we all have to make.

It’s sad to see how openly our world is beginning to reject God.  I fear for the fate of the world around us.  I fear for my family and friends, my loved ones, who openly reject God.  If I do nothing else with my life, I pray that I can help lead them to Christ and save them from God’s consuming fire.

This is why our witness is so important.  Evangelization is not just about helping people through the troubles of this world; it is leading them to eternal salvation.  Can you truly just sit there quietly while the ones you love face this?  I am not one who preaches a lot of doom and gloom, but today’s verse is extremely clear.

Our God is a consuming fire that will burn anything unholy.  By witnessing to God’s love and mercy, let’s bring the world closer to Him and prevent them from getting burnt.

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