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Hebrews 11:17-18

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The Faith of Abraham, Part 3…

The faith of Abraham was deep enough to make the most difficult sacrifices:

By faith Abraham, when put to the test, offered up Isaac, and he who had received the promises was ready to offer his only son, of whom it was said, “Through Isaac descendants shall bear your name.”  -Hebrews 11:17-18 NAB

Isaac was the first step towards the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham.  It meant everything to him, yet Abraham was willing to sacrifice everything for his God.

Part 1 of our look at the faith of Abraham taught us to follow God wherever He may lead us.  Part 2 taught us that when we doubt God’s ability, that is when He will bless us the most.  Today’s verse, part 3, teaches us that we must be willing to give everything back to God – regardless of what it may be.

Everything we value and cherish in this world is a gift from God.  Our families, friends, church communities, careers, money, cars, houses and anything else you can imagine are all blessings given to us by God.

The time may come when God asks us, in faith, to give everything back.  He may ask us to sacrifice the people and objects we hold most dear in order to follow Him.  When the time comes, will you have the courage?

Imagine Abraham’s position.  God asked him to sacrifice the son he loved so greatly.  And Isaac was more than just a son – he was the fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham.  God promised Abraham a multitude of descendants, and now, he was being asked to sacrifice that.

Would you have the faith to follow God to such extremes?  If you had to give up your house to follow God, would you?  Could you give up on important relationships if God led you to do it?  Would you give up earth’s blessings for the hope of greater blessings in heaven?  The choice is difficult.

Our faith is not measured by how loud we praise God when we are richly blessed; faith is measured by our willingness to sacrifice those blessings to follow God’s will.  What are you willing to sacrifice to follow our Lord and Savior?

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