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Galatians 6:12

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The Christian Status Quo…

The Galatians tried to avoid persecution by following the status quo:

It is those who want to make a good appearance in the flesh who are trying to compel you to have yourselves circumcised, only that they may not be persecuted for the cross of Christ. â€“Galatians 6:12, NAB

We have a choice: stand up for our beliefs or follow the status quo (current state of society).  Even as Catholics and Christians, we are faced with this challenge.  Pressure to conform to society draws more and more people away from the faith.

The Galatians wanted to keep traditional Jewish values because, at the time, it was an accepted religion within the Roman Empire.  Meanwhile, Christians were being regularly persecuted as rebels, so they wanted to be associated more with their Jewish heritage than with their Christian faith.

Today, the problem still exists.  Modern society has drifted even farther from God and continues to pressure mainstream Christianity to conform.  A new, Christian status quo has developed, and old, more traditional denominations, such as Catholicism, are seen as out-of-touch with society.

Should we, as Catholics, conform to the mainstream Christian status quo, or with society in general?  Should we sacrifice the morals and values that we have held dear for 2,000 years?  Regardless of what pressure we may face, or what other denominations may be doing, we must continue to stay true to our beliefs.

Society will continue to change its identity, just as it has since the beginning of time.  We, then, must continue to stay true to who we are.  We are Catholics – members of the original Church founded by Christ Himself, and we will not change for anyone.

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