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Galatians 5:9

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A Little Yeast…

St. Paul describes how the actions of the few can quickly spread to the many:

A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough. â€“Galatians 5:9, NAB

Ever notice how the choices of a few people can quickly begin to affect the larger group around them?  The bad influence of poor choices by some will quickly influence and corrupt the larger group as a whole.

Without yeast, dough would just remain a ball of flour, water, and a few other ingredients.  Yeast, which is actually a tiny plant, makes dough rise by quickly multiplying itself through the entire batch.  These one-celled organisms have the ability to rapidly change the nature of the dough.

Because of yeast’s ability to quickly spread, St. Paul compares it to the effects of sin.  We often think that our sins do not affect anyone else, but they can be a horrible influence on others.  Our sins can quickly spread and multiply through an entire group – just like yeast spreads itself throughout an entire batch of dough.

The power of sin is greater than we sometimes realize.  It has the ability to spread through families, parishes, communities, and even nations.  Look at the effects of sin today.  The entire Western hemisphere seems to be forgetting its Christian tradition and becoming more and more sinful.

Consider the predictions made by Pope Paul VI.  He knew that a culture that took sex outside of traditional marriage would soon allow other sin to creep in and destroy the traditional family.  Look at the state of families today.  It seems that his prediction has come true.

Sin has the power to quickly spread throughout our lives and communities.  The only way to stop it is to remove as much sin and temptation from our lives as possible.  If we allow ourselves even just a little bit of sin, it will multiply and will soon rule our lives.

The power of sin has destroyed enough families and societies.  Let’s turn the tables.  Morality, if we allow it to, can spread just as fast as sin.  Good choices can influence others in the same way as bad.  We can be the ones to bring morality back into our culture.  SIn has had a devastating effect on society, but all hope is not lost – not yet anyway.

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