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Galatians 5:15

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Christian vs. Christian…

Few things are more damaging to the Church than Christian vs. Christian:

But if you go on biting and devouring one another, beware that you are not consumed by one another. â€“Galatians 5:15, NAB

Yesterday, you learned to love your neighbor as yourself.  Today, you’ll learn how doing the opposite can be very damaging to our relationships, and to the Church as a whole.

Do your needs and desires come before the needs of others?  Do you care how your actions impact the people around you?  Would you be willing to hurt someone else if it meant that you got what you wanted?  How far would you let your desires take you?

Of course, few would actually admit to any of this, but it is a plague on our society.  We are slowly devouring ourselves through our own selfish desires.  We may love each other to some degree, but we will not let that stand in our way of getting what we want.

Western culture actually promotes a self-gratifying lifestyle.  Consequences are taken out of the picture, and we are taught to do what we please – regardless of how it impacts others.  Freedom and expression are twisted into excuses for fulfilling our every selfish desire and need.

Society seems to be embracing a sinful lifestyle, and instead of trying to live up to the moral standards of the Church, many have asked the Church to change its position on key topics.  The Church is said to be “out of touch” with modern society, when, in fact, it is society that is out of touch with the Church.

Differences on these topics have created battles of Christian vs. Christian.  Instead of facing the evils of this world, we are left to debate and fight each other over Christian moral values.  Some expect the Church to change with the times, while others are doing everything they can to help the Church stay true to itself and to God.

The Church has refused to back down on some very important issues.  Our Catholic leaders will not give in to the pressure of mainstream society.  Society may disagree with, and even hate, the Church, but our Catholic values will continue to hold fast.

We must stop debating and fighting with each other over these issues and unite as the pillar of morality for the world.  Together, we can help reverse the direction of society.  A Christian vs. Christian battle can be very damaging to the Church, but two Christians standing together can be even more damaging to the sinful lifestyle of the world.

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