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Galatians 4:6-7

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Children of God…

God sent His Son so that we might know that He is our Father:

As proof that you are children, God sent the spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!” So you are no longer a slave but a child, and if a child then also an heir, through God. -Galatians 4:6-7, NAB

For the people of Israel, God must have seemed very distant to them.  Only a select few were chosen to have a closer relationship with Him.  Through Christ, that all changed.  Now, through Christ and the Holy Spirit, we can have a personal relationship with the Father like never before.

God is not just a deity off in the distance – sitting in the clouds far away.  He has come into our hearts in the form of the Holy Spirit so that we might know Him more.  We may not be able to fully describe Him or touch Him in a physical way, but we can feel Him in our hearts.

We are children of God, sons and daughters of God the Father.  He loves us, His children, the way any father would.  He rejoices with us in our triumphs, He scolds us for our wrongdoings, and He comforts us in our times of need.

How often do we forget that we are children of God?  How often do we distance ourselves from our Creator?  We get so caught up in our daily lives that we fail to make that relationship with our Father a priority.

Being called “children of God” is more than just a quote from the Bible; we must make it our identity.  Our careers define us.  The language we speak defines us.  Our ancestry defines us.  But above all of that, what defines us the most is being called children of God.  We have a Father in Heaven who loves us dearly, and nothing in this world is more important than that.

You are a child of God, an heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Let the Son and Spirit into your heart, and the Father’s love will be revealed to you.  God is not watching you from the distant cosmos; He is right here with you – every step of the way.

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