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Galatians 4:11

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Spreading the Faith – A Waste of Time?…

St. Paul fears that he wasted his time spreading the faith to the Galatians:

I am afraid on your account that perhaps I have labored for you in vain. -Galatians 4:11, NAB

St. Paul was a great man.  He did many things to help spread the faith in the early Church, including writing much of the New Testament.  But I could not disagree with him more than I do in today’s verse.  Spreading the faith is never a waste of time.

Why did St. Paul feel this way?  Well, he had spent a good deal of time trying to evangelize the Galatians and had brought them to know Jesus Christ.  Now, they seemed to be falling away from that teaching, and it frustrated him.  But does that make it a waste of time?  Was it all in vain?

I think not.  For one, this letter to the Galatians would not exist otherwise, and it justifies his time by the number of lives it has changed since he wrote it.  God obviously had bigger plans than St. Paul could have imagined.

Even in St. Paul’s relationship with the Galatians, he did not waste his time.  If one person from all of Galatia came to Christ, it was worth his time.  Saving one soul can make a lifetime’s amount of work easily seem worth it.

In the end, St. Paul was doing the Lord’s work.  He was doing exactly what Christ had called him to do: sharing the Gospel as far and wide as he could.  His message may have fallen on deaf ears, but we can be sure that the Lord took notice.  He may not have seen the fruits of his labor at the time, but he surely saw them when he got to Heaven.

In the same way, we never waste our time spreading the faith.  It can be frustrating at times when we see little impact from our work, but it is still worth it.  We never know when a tiny seed we planted will bloom long after our work is done.  We must continue to spread the faith regardless of the immediate results.

Should I stop writing these Daily Bible Verses?  I spend many hours in front of a computer each week, and I only hear of its impact occasionally.  I have heard positive feedback from some, but is it worth the time that I put into it?  Yes!  Even if I help a single soul find their way back to Christ, it would be worth a lifetime in front of this keyboard.

However God has called you to spread the faith, never think that it is a waste of time.  You may not see immediate results.  You do not know God’s greater plan for your work.  You may not save a thousand souls, but you might save one – that one soul that makes it all worthwhile.  Whether you lead someone to faith or just plant the seed, it is never a waste of time.

Share the Faith