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Galatians 2:21

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Did Christ Die for Nothing?…

By trying to earn our salvation through the Law, we are taking away the purpose of the cross.

I do not nullify the grace of God; for if justification comes through the Law, then Christ died for nothing. -Galatians 2:21, NAB

From what we have studied in Galatians so far, the recurring theme has been that we cannot find salvation through our good works and deeds.  Today’s verse takes that to the next level.  By searching for justification through the Law, we are actually attempting to nullify the work of the cross.  If we succeed, then Christ died for nothing.

That is one extreme statement: Christ died for nothing.  Do you want to be the one who claims that?  Do you want to be the one who removes the purpose for God sending His own Son to die on a cross for us?

St. Paul’s words may have upset some of the Galatians who read this letter.  It may have even upset you.  This bold statement by St. Paul is meant to shock us and force us to take a step back, think about what we’re saying, and change our thinking.

Christ did not die for nothing.  The Law was (and is) not enough to save us.  Well, actually, we are not enough to be saved by the Law.  Since the Mosaic Law was established, we have fallen far short of living up to it.  We need salvation.  We need our savior.  We need Jesus’ work on the cross.

Christ did die for something: you.  He knew you long before you were born, and He had you in mind on His way to the cross.  Even if you do not accept His work on the cross, He went on your behalf anyway.  In God’s eyes, you are very special and worth dying for.

Did Christ die for nothing?  Of course not.  He died for you, for me, and for the whole world.  He died for everyone that has lived and for all of those who will live.  By giving up His life on the cross, He has brought salvation to all of mankind.  Now, that is something worthy dying for.

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