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Father’s Day

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Father and Son…

One of our greatest legacies as a man is the wisdom that we pass on to a son:

The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who begets a wise son will be glad in him.  -Proverbs 23:24, NAB

As parents, we love all of our children equally, but there is a special bond that a father and son have between them.  Men teach their sons exactly what it means to be a man.  From fixing cars to the roles of a father, we try to teach our sons to be good men – to follow in our footsteps.  When we see their accomplishments as adults, we could not be any prouder.
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Growing up, I was not the typical young boy.  While my brother spent many of his weekends working with my dad in the garage, I was probably off playing by myself in my own little, imaginary world.  That lack of involvement with my dad has, at times, left me ill-equipped for regular household chores and car repairs.  I can do many great things behind a computer keyboard, but hanging a picture straight can be a challenge.

Looking back, my dad and my brother looked like two peas in a pod.  They enjoyed their time working on little projects together.  For years, I resented it.  They seemed to have a special bond that I didn’t have with my dad.  What had I done wrong?  It turns out, nothing.  I may not have inherited my dad’s gifts with tools, but, as I grew older, I began to recognize the gift my dad had shared with me – wisdom.  And, I think I would rather have the gift of wisdom than the ability to swing a hammer, any day.

My dad and I share the same calm temperment.  When others get upset, we are the calming voice in the room.  We handle stress easily.  We share the same detachment from material things, and material worries.  For years, I thought my dad and I were complete opposites of each other.  Now, as a grown man, I recognize that we have many more similarities than differences.

What is the point of the story?  Each one of us will take a different lesson from our fathers, and our mothers as well.  We will inherit certain traits from them, and our siblings will inherit others.  Like my dad, my brother is a man’s man – something that will always bind them together.  I, however, have a gift more precious than gold – the wisdom he shared with me.  Now, as I begin a family with my beautiful wife, I know that I will be a good father, husband, and man, just like him.

I want to wish all of the fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, and spiritual fathers (our priests) a Happy Father’s Day!  In our world today, there are no greater callings for a man to be.  Regardless of our successes in our careers, financially or otherwise, nothing can compare to the true success of watching our sons and daughters become great men and women.

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