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Ephesians 6:9

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Good Catholic Bosses…

Our Catholic faith should show in the way we lead:

Masters, act in the same way toward them, and stop bullying, knowing that both they and you have a Master in heaven and that with him there is no partiality. -Ephesians 6:9, NAB

Last Friday, we discussed being good Catholic employees in Ephesians 6:5-8, and today, we see the other side of that coin as St. Paul encourages us to be good Catholic bosses, as well.

Employees are told to work as if they are working on Christ’s behalf, and Catholic bosses should lead as if they are leading on Christ’s behalf.  We should lead as Christ led – by serving as Christ served.  People followed Christ because He served first.

In a few weeks, on Holy Thursday, we will remember the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.  Here, the Master serves His followers, and He does this as a model for us to follow as leaders ourselves.  This applies to our ministries, as we serve others in charity, and to our jobs, as we put the needs of our employees before our own.

Interestingly, St. Paul points out that we should not bully our employees.  A good Catholic boss does not assert his power over those who work for Him.  It is a blessing that we hold that position, and we should be graceful in how we execute it.  Our employees’ true Master is in Heaven; it is simply our job to take care of them until they get there.

If God has blessed you with a successful career, and you find yourself in a management position, you should share that blessing with your employees.  Good Catholics, as we said on Friday, should be good Catholic employees, and because of the extra blessings received, should be even better Catholic bosses.  Follow the example of Christ who taught us that being a good leader means being a good servant first.

NOTE:  Today’s verse is another excellent example of a verse that may not seem to apply to our lives today, but with a little prayer, we can see how it is just as relevant as it was 2,000 years ago.  Times have changed, but the beauty of Scripture and our Catholic faith continues on.

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