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Ephesians 6:17

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The Helmet of Salvation…

The armor of God would not be complete if we did not protect our minds:

And take the helmet of salvation… -Ephesians 6:17, NAB

Doubt and fear take root in the mind and spread to the heart and soul.  For this reason, we need to protect our thoughts from the attacks of the evil one by putting on the helmet of salvation.

Our thoughts can betray us.  The modern world has used “rational thought” to separate itself from faith in Christ.  Man has tried to reason his way out of a relationship with God.  In this way, mankind has become its own worst enemy.

We continually try to rationalize and conceptualize an unfathomable God, and when we fail to do so, we use it as an excuse to turn away from our religious beliefs.  Religion is seen as superstition, and science becomes the new pursuit for the meaning of life.  But who ever said that faith and rational thought could not coexist?

This is not a new problem.  It has been said that Martin Luther, one of the men responsible for the Protestant movement, feared for his own salvation.  In fact, he obsessed over it.  Eventually, he rationalized a new path to salvation and rewrote the future of Christianity.  With his mind unprotected, he led himself away from the Truth.

When man struggles to grasp concepts of the faith, he tries to use his mind instead, but if we put our faith in Christ – in our salvation – we can protect ourselves from going astray.  Our faith in salvation must guide our thoughts; our thoughts cannot be the pillar of our faith.

Our fear of the unknown causes us to place our trust in our own thoughts, instead of in Christ.  Let go of your doubts, put your faith in Him, and He will protect you with the helmet of salvation.

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