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Ephesians 6:15

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The Gospel of Peace…

The next piece of the armor of God helps us to stand firm – regardless of what we may be facing:

…and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. -Ephesians 6:15, NAB

When we think about armor, our feet may seem like a low priority, but as the foundation for the rest of the body, it is important in battle to stand firm and hold your ground.  The Gospel of peace helps us do exactly that.

As the enemy approaches, our first instinct is to run.  As we fight, fear makes unsteady.  By firmly planting our feet to the ground, we can take on the greatest challenges head on; we can face our fears and not be tempted to run.

The easiest battle to win is the battle never fought.  The devil knows that, and he will do everything he can to make you flea.  For those who do stay and fight, fear can decide the battle before it even begins, and the devil knows that too.  He knows that fear and self-preservation are the weaknesses that allow sin to overcome us.

By standing firm in the Gospel of peace, taking comfort in God’s protection over you, you can win the battle.  You must realize that you are not alone in the fight: the armor of God can protect you against any evil.  You do not have to be a great warrior to stand and fight; the peace of God will give you the courage you need.

The world desperately needs this message today.  We need to stand firm against the immorality that plagues the Western world.  Many have chosen to flea the battle – giving in to sin and corruption, but the Church stands as a bulwark against it.  We have rooted ourselves in the Gospel of peace and refuse to give in to temptation and evil.

Stand firm against the evils of this world.  God will give you the peace of mind and strength of character you need to hold your ground.

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