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Ephesians 6:14

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Girded in Truth…

The first piece of the armor of God protects us with the Truth:

So stand fast with your loins girded in truth… -Ephesians 6:14, NAB

The loins, the area from the ribcage to the hipbone, is one of the most vulnerable areas on the body.  In battle, one shot to this area is often fatal; therefore, it is important to protect our loins at all costs.

Roman soldiers often wore loin belts that helped to protect the exposed vital organs of the body that were not protected by the ribcage.  Without any skeletal protection, it was necessary to wear armor that specially protected that area.  A sword to the midsection quickly led to death.

Spiritually, the lies and temptations of the devil attack us in our most vulnerable areas.  He attacks our spiritual loins by appealing to our emotions and desires.  He will do everything to separate us from God using our weaknesses – a fatal blow for our spiritual lives.

The devil may attempt to attack our weakest of areas, but with God, we are girded in Truth.  God’s Word can protect us from the lies of the devil, and becomes one of our most important pieces of armor.  We can protect ourselves from every form of deceit and deception.

In a suit of armor, many of the other pieces connect to and hang from the loin belt.  It was the central piece of armor, just as the Word of God is central to a strong faith.  Everything else depends on it.  It was often the first piece of armor put on, and our faith, then, should also begin with the Word of God.

Girded in Truth, we can protect ourselves from lies and deception – our weak points – by holding tightly to the Word of God.  May the Truth of Christ’s message protect you from all vulnerabilities.

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