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Ephesians 6:14, part 2

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Clothed with Righteousness…

The rest of Ephesians 6:14 describes the second piece of the armor of God:

…[Be] clothed with righteousness as a breastplate… -Ephesians 6:14, NAB

We continue our discussion on the armor of God by discussing the second half of Ephesians 6:14.  The first portion of this verse, as we read yesterday, tells us to be girded in Truth.  Today, in the second portion, St. Paul exhorts us to be clothed with righteousness.

The breastplate covers one of our most vital organs, both spiritually and physically: namely, the heart.  Being wounded in the heart almost certainly means death, and on the spiritual battlefield, that can have disastrous consequences.

St. Paul tells us that the key to protecting our heart and soul is to live a righteous life – one that is pleasing and acceptable to God.  By following the examples of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints, we can do exactly that.

This piece of armor offers a great deal of protection, but that protection does not come easy.  The weight of living a righteous life can be as heavy as the bronze breastplate worn by Romans in the 1st century.  As heavy as it may be, the benefits of protecting the heart are well worth it.

Because of its weight, many will choose not to wear righteousness as a breastplate – including many Christians.  Instead of living a life pleasing to God, they hope that faith alone will protect them.  Unfortunately, as they will find out too late, they leave themselves vulnerable to attack.

Living a righteous life does more than please God; it protects our hearts and souls from attack.  Be clothed with righteousness, and through the grace of God, no enemy can defeat you.

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