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Mayan Countdown Clock…

What will you do with your final days on Earth?  As of today, November 18th, 2012, we only have a little over a month left on this planet… well, if you believe all of the hype over the Mayan calendar anyway.

Should we believe that the end of the world is coming?  Should we follow all of the hype?  How do we know when the world will end?  Simple.  We won’t.  Today’s verse, taken from today’s Mass readings, tells us:

But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come. -Mark 13:32-33, NAB

In other words, no one except God knows when that time will come.  Anyone that tries to predict otherwise is spreading lies (even if they believe it themselves).  Of course, this does not mean that we should not be spiritually ready for Christ; it simply means not to spend our time preoccupied with the end of the world.

How do we prepare ourselves – especially in these last few critical days (sarcasm)?  The answer came to me from an unexpected place: television.  In a recent show that I was watching, a woman realized that she only had a short time to live.  This opened her eyes and changed her life.  She began to live life more fully than ever before (according to secular TV anyway).

A short time later, she realized that she might actually live and fell back to her old ways again.  Her daughter boldly told her that she liked her “dying mom” more than her “living mom.”  The woman became a better person when life was finally put into perspective.  Take that perspective away, and her old self came back.

We, then, need to examine our perspectives.  Are we living selfishly, satisfying our wants and needs, as if we will live forever?  Or do we realize that we have only a short time left?  Do we truly realize what matters, or do we need a change of perspective?

I do not know when the end of the world will come, but whether the end comes in our lifetime or not, we are only given so many years on this planet.  Live your life today with the right perspective.  Do not wait for the end of the world, and do not wait until you are on your deathbed.  Prepare yourself now, live the life Christ wanted you to live, and take in each and every day as a blessing.

But, if you’re still worried about the end of the world, here’s a countdown clock – just for you:

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